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Tarkarli Beach :

Tarkarli is a narrow stretch of beach with pristine waters, located at the convergence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea. It is 546 k.m. away from Mumbai, 6 kms. south of Malvan, on the west coast of India. This place has gained prominence because of its transparently clear seas, where on a fairly sunny day, one can see the sea- bed up to a depth of 20 feet.

Karli Backwaters :

The Karli Backwaters at the Karli River are one of the best Backwaters of the world.Tarkali is many-splendoured in its charm.At the confluence of the Arabian Sea and the Karli River lies the Karli Backwaters which is the only one of its kind in the state of Maharashtra and inevitably one of the best in the world.

Dhamapur Lake :

The Dhamapur Lake covers a total area of about 10 acres with water and offers facilities for water-based sports activities. As the lake is free from extreme wave, which makes it much suitable for adventure free boating.

Scuba Diving :

There are several types of water sports and scuba diving at tarkarli. People living the busy city life are often attracted to recreational scuba diving at tarkarli for the thrill and adventure it offers. Scuba diving at Tarkarli is a sport that is practiced recreationally and popular all around the world and can even be taken as a profession.

Devbaug Beach :

Devbagh meaning Godís Garden.The Devbagh beach is adjacent to tarkarli beach and ends at a beautiful place Devbagh Sangam. Devbagh Sangam is a confluence of the Karli River and Arabian Sea.The Devbaug Beach is located around 12 km south of tarkarli. It lies at the confluence of the Karli River and the Arabian Sea.

Seafood :

Tarkarli is famous for its delicious seafood. Kombdi-vade, Malvani mutton curry and mori masala are some of the seafood delicacies worth trying in Tarkarli. There are quite a few restaurants in Tarkarli that serve delicious seafood for the non vegetarians. Sol kadi and aamras served by the restaurants in the town are vegetarian delicacies worth trying.