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SCUBA Diving in Tarkarli :

Few S.C.U.B.A diving sites has been identified near the Tarkarli Janjira and deep sea diving is possible now near the Tarkarli Janjira. Training facility P.A.D.I trained divers is also available in Tarkarli.

Take a Dip in a Hot Spring :

Unhavare about 20 kms from tarkarli is known for hot sulphur springs believed to have medicinal value. Enjoy a dip in the hot spring if you are on a long holiday in tarkarli

Dolphin Watch Rides :

Dolphin watch rides are one of the most popular activities amongst tourists here. It can cost between 150 - 250 RS or 1000 - 1500 Rs for an exclusive ride. Spotting a dolphin is a matter of chance and chances are better early in the morning!

Water sports in tarkarli :

Almost all the popular beaches have water sports facilities in tarkarli. Jet skii rides and other popular water rides like banana rides and bumper rides is available in tarkarli. Murud Harnai in a way is the hub of all water sports activities in tarkarli.